The Adult in the Room – Nancy Pelosi in the House
Jan 22Feb 15, 2020
Run Time:75 minutes
A New Play byBill McMahon
Directed byHeather Arnson & Conor Bagley
StarringOrlagh Cassidy

How did Nancy Pelosi become the first Woman Speaker of the House – and perhaps more importantly, how has she managed to stay there? A woman about whom everyone has an opinion, and yet who almost no one truly knows, tells her personal story and political journey while trying to balance the forces of extreme left and extreme right, using all her power to preserve that rarest of rare birds in the D.C. of this moment – consensus. That is, until that brand of consensus fades into the rear-view mirror. This up-to-the-minute, galvanizing piece is not just about Madame Speaker herself, but about the convulsive political climate we currently find ourselves in. Told with wit, irony, emotion and leavening doses of humor, THE ADULT IN THE ROOM is no mere history lesson, but a reflection on where we are, and how we got here. She is reviled. And she is beloved. And she has captured the attention of a nation. Nancy Pelosi’s rise to become America’s first female Speaker of the House has been historical and controversial. Everyone knows Nancy. Yet, few really know her. This is her story.