Jermaine Robinson Jr.

Jermaine Robinson Jr hails from Clearwater, FL and is a proud alumnus of Black Box Acting. Some of his favorite Chicago credits include How To Live On Earth at Chimera Ensemble, The First Deep Breath at Victory Gardens Theater and Killing Game at A Red Orchid Theatre, where he had the privilege of understudying both productions. While 2020 paused or took away many jobs for artists, Jermaine is grateful to have had the fortune of shooting his first pilot for a major network during an uncertain time. As the industry slowly opens back up, Jermaine is hoping to continue to transition into TV/Film in addition to the theater. Jermaine has begun making candles and will start selling them in May 2021, so be on the lookout! Jermaine is looking for new agency representation. Grateful to God, mom, family, best friends, and Momma Dee. <3 Keep breathing!