Aliza Feder

Aliza Feder is a Chicago-based director, writer, and makeup artist. She was previously the artistic director of Fermat’s Last Theater Company in Madison, WI, where she last adapted and directed Miss Julie. Assistant Directing credits include The Night Season (Strawdog), The Recommendation (Windy City Playhouse), Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom (The Bower Theatre Ensemble, AD & Gore/SFX), Slipper Tongue (Violet Surprise: A FemSlash Festival), Ligabue, part of The Storefront Project at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Medusa, an internationally devised project with Pop Magic Productions and Global Hive Laboratories. She was the script supervisor and gore/SFX designer for Masque Macabre (Strawdog Theater) and is an ensemble member of The Bower Theatre Ensemble.

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