Sideshow Theatre Company Presents
Sep 22Oct 27, 2019

First, they called it X. Then, they called it Pluto. Now, they’re not calling at all.

Billions of miles from home, a lone research base waits to receive another message from Earth. It’s been three weeks. It’s never been this long. The crew attempts to maintain normal operations, but as the silence grows louder, the darkness outside the station starts to creep in.

Natalie Ortega – Voice
Krystal Ortiz – Mattie
Sarah Price – Gilda
Gage Wallace – Clark
H.B. Ward – Ray
Nate Wheldon – Cole

Alistair McDowall – Playwright
Jonathan L. Green – Director
Yu Shibagaki – Scenic Designer
Noël Huntzinger – Costume Designer
Jordan Kardasz – Lighting Designer
Michael Huey – Composer / Sound Designer
Paul Deziel – Projections Designer
Emily Boyd – Properties Designer
Emily Ioppolo – Stage Manager
Catherine Allen – Production Manager
Justin J. Sacramone – Dramaturg