Začek McVay Theater

In September 2006, Victory Gardens Theater opened a 259-seat mainstage at the landmark Biograph Theater, a site known for its complex and storied history.

The Theater is named for long-time Artistic Director Dennis Začek and his wife, Founding Managing Director, Marcelle McVay. The Chicago Tribune called the renovated space “beautiful…gorgeously restored”! Let your production be Chicago’s next main attraction! Our state-of-the-art, critically acclaimed theatre puts your audience in the lap of luxury and at the epitome of intimacy.

The theatre features roomy, comfortable seats with ample leg room, incredible acoustical design, fantastic sightlines and the world of the stage at your fingertips. Production companies will benefit from our sound and light package, large backstage area with two dressing rooms and a greenroom, and front of house services.

Rental Information

  • Fully ADA Compliant House – 259 permanent seats
  • Stage – 32’W x 30’D x 19’H
  • Wing Space – 19’W x 22’D
  • Fly Space – 5’H (non-counterweighted system, rails only)
  • Trap Room under stage
  • Small lighting package including standard light inventory, light board, cabling
  • Small sound package including microphones, amps, speakers and playback devices
  • Large dressing room (seats 6 comfortably)**
  • Small dressing room (seats 5 comfortably)**
  • 3 private restrooms and two showers.
  • Comfortable Greenroom including a refrigerator, microwave, coffeemakers and sink
  • Projection screen and digital projector
  • Staffing available for an additional fee

*All Theatre Features are subject to scheduling based on current Victory Gardens Theater stage productions, contract inclusions and availability of equipment.
**Capacity limits may change due to COVID-19 safety requirements.

A parking garage is available at 2316 N. Lincoln, 1/2-block south of Fullerton, with a special theatergoer rate of $7 for 4 hours of parking: simply bring your ticket to the theater for validation to receive the discounted rate. Street parking is also available along Lincoln Avenue for $2.50/hour.

Please contact for more information. No phone calls, please.

Seating Chart

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259 Seats

  • Seating is described on a ticket with a combination of letters and numbers (i.e. C-E-3)
  • The first letter represents section of the house (C for Center, L for Left, R for Right)
  • The second specifies the row
  • The third specifies the individual seat

Accessible seating:

  • Pullaway seats: L-E-3,4,5,6
  • Companion seats: L-E 1&2

Pullaway seats:

  • R-E-3,4
  • Companion seats: R-E-1&2
  • Center section, Row F is ground level when you enter the theater and requires no stairs.