Pinqy Ring

Pinqy Ring is a proud Puerto Rican rapper, author, speaker and educator born and bred in Chicago. She proudly serves as a Hip Hop Cultural Ambassador for the United States, traveling overseas with the U.S. Embassy to facilitate Hip Hop diplomacy programming. Pinqy is a three-time recipient of the City of Chicago’s Individual Artist Program grant, and the awardee of a 2018 Illinois Arts Council grant. In 2019, she was one of twenty women selected by Vital Voices and TRESemmè for their inaugural Women’s Leadership Incubator in New York.

As a professional speaker, Pinqy hosts workshops and talks with youth and Universities worldwide. She teaches Hip Hop and music entrepreneurship at Roberto Clemente High School in her hometown of Chicago, and plays Rosina in The Rosina Project – a Hip Hop rendition of the opera The Barber of Seville. As a performer, Pinqy prides herself in her lyrical prowess, stage presence, and ability to rap in both Spanish and English. As a person, Pinqy is proud of her courage to fearlessly share herself. A Latina artist on the rise, Pinqy Ring shines bright with the determination to share her story while encouraging others to find their truth, live in it unapologetically, and tell it authentically.