Chicago Inclusion Project

The Chicago Inclusion Project is a collective of artists, committed to facilitating inclusive experiences and hiring practices throughout Chicago Theatre by bringing together artists and audiences normally separated by ethnic background, economic status, gender identity, physical ability and countless other barriers. The staff includes Stephanie Díaz (Grant Writer/Casting Associate), Elana Elyce (Business Manager), Adelina Feldman-Schultz (Facilitator, Casting associate), Emjoy Gavino (Founder, Executive Director, Casting Associate), Arti Ishak (Facilitator), Abhi Shrestha (Community Organizer / Literary Manager) and Jessica Vann (Facilitator). For more information, visit


The Chicago Inclusion Project together with Victory Gardens Theater have announced a new season-long collaboration.

The two companies will partner on an inclusive casting process for Victory Garden’s 2021-2022 season, giving Chicago theater artists access to roles from which they might traditionally have been excluded. The Chicago Inclusion Project will handle all casting for Queen of the Night, In Every Generation, cullud wattah, and the Ignite Chicago reading series and 20/50 Play Festival.