Poor Yella Rednecks

Chicago Premiere
Sep 18Oct 18, 2020
Single Tickets On Sale:Summer 2020
ByQui Nguyen
Directed byJess McLeod

“A brilliant graphic novel animated for the stage…what is the secret of Nguyen’s playwriting magic trick? Authenticity, for sure. Also, a personal story that is at the same time an under-represented American one.”  -LA Times


Far away in the exotic land of Arkansas, the story of Tong and Quang continues, six years after the end of the critically acclaimed Vietgone. But this isn’t a sequel: it’s a whole new story. Falling in love was easy–but life in a new country, with a different language, low wages, and a young child is a lot harder. And that’s before Quang’s first wife reappears. Playwright Qui Nguyen digs deep into personal history to continue the hilarious, heartbreaking, intensely human saga of his family’s life in ‘70s rural America, in his characteristic subversive style, set to a hip-hop beat. Poor Yella Rednecks will be staged by Victory Gardens Resident Director Jess McLeod (Resident Director, Hamilton Chicago).

Creative Team

Qui Nguyen
Jess McLeod


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