Exit Strategy

Jan 29Feb 28, 2021
Single Tickets On Sale:Summer 2020
ByIke Holter
Directed byWardell Julius Clark

★★★★ “At once poetic, political, sad, funny, timely, complex and compassionate, Ike Holter’s thrilling, beautiful new play is the story of the desperate final days of a condemned, crumbling Chicago public school…a riveting 90 minutes.” -Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


Tumbldn High School is your typical Chicago Public School: underfunded, understaffed, and underperforming. And at the end of the year, it will close. But it’s home for its teachers and students, who decide to fight back to save their school. The vice principal leads the charge, but with tensions at a breaking point, his efforts may be too little–or too futile–to change Tumbldn’s fate. The second story in Ike Holter’s Rightlynd Saga, Exit Strategy is loaded with humor and overflowing with fury, asking what we owe to our communities. This critically acclaimed play will be staged by Wardell Julius Clark (Sheepdog, Shattered Globe; Kill Move Paradise, TimeLine Theatre).

Creative Team

Ike Holter
Wardell Julius Clark
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