Richard Christiansen Theater

In 2004, Victory Gardens announced its purchase of the historic Biograph Theater. The building was renovated by Daniel P. Coffey who designed the Zacek McVay mainstage and revamped the grand staircase that leads up to the Richard Christiansen Theater.

The Richard Christiansen Theater, seating 109, was designed by Thomas Hickey at a cost of $500,000. Previously, the space had been used as one of two movie theaters in the second floor of the Biograph Theater.

In the fall of 2009, Year Zero by Michael Golamco became the premiere production in the space. This ushered in the use of Victory Gardens second venue as well as the first world premiere from the IGNITION Festival.

The Renaming

On March 1, 2010, the theater was officially named with an event to honor Richard Christiansen, Chief Critic Emeritus of the Chicago Tribune.