truth and reconciliation

By debbie tucker green
Directed by Jonathan L. Green
March 12 – April 16
Richard Christiansen Theater

South Africa, Northern Ireland, Rwanda, Bosnia and Zimbabwe. Five devastating conflicts, thirty years, one room and one burning question: can reconciliation be found when the reluctant truth is finally spoken? Twenty-two actors bring debbie tucker green’s sixty-minute unblinking exploration of loss to life. Stories from across the world weave together in a search for justice, as victims and perpetrators alike struggle for meaning in the aftermath of crime.


South African Daughter – E’mon Lauren Black
South African Son – Latrel Crawford
Zimbabwean Woman – Ashley Crowe
Rwandan Man – Travis Delgado
South African Officer – Sam Guinan-Nyhart
Rwandan Husband – David Lawrence Hamilton*
Bosnian Woman’s Friend – Kayla Raelle Holder
Serbian Man 2 – Michael Holding
Northern Irish Woman – Ann James*
Rwandan Widow – Tiffany Renee Johnson
Zimbabwean Husband – Ian Martin
Northern Irish Woman A – Jennifer Mathews
Northern Irish Man B – Eamonn McDonagh
South African Mama – Monette McLin
South African Nana – Carolyn Nelson
Zimbabwean Wife – Tiffany Oglesby
Northern Irish Man A – Jeremy Pfaff
Rwandan Grandfather – Bradford Stevens
Rwandan Brother – Keith Surney
Bosnian Woman – Isabel Thompson
South African Sister – Netta Walker
Serbian Man 1 – Sean Wiberg


Director – Jonathan L. Green*
Stage Manager – Colleen Layton
Production Manager – Ben Jones
Assistant Director – Toma Langston
Dramaturg -Gabrielle Randle
Scenic/Props Designer – Yu Shibagaki
Costume Designer – Noel Huntzinger*
Lighting Designer – Jared Gooding
Sound Designer/Composer – Michael Huey
Dialect Designer – Eva Breneman
Tech Director, Master Electrician – Brian Sprague
ASM/Run Crew – Emily Ioppolo

*Sideshow company member