Resident Company BAILIWICK CHICAGO presents:


Oct 2 – Nov 1, 2014

Music and Lyrics by Michael John LaChiusa
Book by Michael John LaChiusa and George C.Wolfe,
from the poem by Joseph Moncure March
Directed and Choreographed by Brenda Didier
Music Direction by Artistic Associate Aaron Benham

Richard Christiansen Theater

Contains mature content and situations. Parental discretion advised for those under 17 years old

Manhattan decadence in the 1920s provides the backdrop for this tough musical fable. Queenie, a vaudeville chorus girl. hosts a titular blowout with her vicious lover Burrs, a blackface minstrel. The guests are a vivid collection of the unruly and the undone: Queenie’s conniving rival, a cocaine-sniffing bisexual playboy, a washed-up boxer, a black “brother act,” a diva of indeterminate age and infinite life experience, the fresh-off-the-farm ingénue whose naïveté quickly evaporates, a lesbian actress and her comatose girlfriend, and the bargain-basement heartthrob who catches Queenie’s roving eye.

The jazz- and gin-soaked party rages to a mounting sense of threat as artifice and illusion are stripped away. When midnight debauchery leads to tragedy at dawn, the high-flying characters land with a sobering thud, reminding us that no party lasts forever.


Danni Smith* -Queenie
Matthew Keffer- Burrs
Danielle Brothers – Dolores
Molly Coleman – Nadine
Gilbert Domally – Phil
Patrick Falcon – Black
Desmond Gray – Oscar
Jason Grimm – Goldberg
Christina Hall – Madeline
Sharriese Hamilton* – Kate
Ryan Lanning* – Jackie
Steven Perkins – Eddie
Khaki Pixley – Mae
Jason Richards – Gold
Sasha Smith – Sally

Production Team

Brenda Didier* – Director and Choreographer
Aaron Benham* – Music Director
Mallory Bass – Stage Manager
Megan Truscott* – Scenic Designer
Brian Hoehne* – Lighting Designer
Theresa Ham – Costume Designer
Patrick Bley* – Sound Designer
Geoffrey Bleeker* – Assistant Director / Dramaturg
Cameron Turner – Assistant Choreographer

* Denotes Bailiwick Chicago Company Member/ Artistic Associate / Resident