A.B.L.E.—Artists Breaking Limits & Expectations presents

Gems Unseen

Gems Unseen

Saturday, December 2, 2017
Original stories devised by the Ensemble
Začek McVay Theater
One Performance Only!

What do you have inside that makes you unique?

Join the actors of A.B.L.E. as they share 4 stories about 4 very different people and the talents and strengths that lie beneath the surface, Over the course of 10 weeks, the cast of 21 actors with developmental differences, supported by a team of teaching artists and volunteers, devised their own tales for performance. Working in a variety of mediums including, scenes, monologues, movement and music, the group will share their true colors and diverse talents.

The A.B.L.E. Ensemble

Monday Ensemble
Colleen A.
Emma B.
Benjamin C.
Peter G.
Emily L.
Emily K.
Anna L.
Claire O.
Sam R.
Hannah V.

Friday Ensemble
Quincy B.
Marissa B.
Alena B.
Jack B.
Samuel F.
Natalia J.
Mila M.
Maria M.
Lucas M.
Samuel P.
Lucy W.

Teaching Artists
Kaylie Honkala
Sean Okerberg
Katie Yohe

Music Director
Peter Van Kempen

Kendra Van Kempen

Marcus Chestand
Braden Cleary
Kate Magon
Matt Maxwell
Alison Perrone
Jenna Rapisarda
Michael Russell
Beth Sherwood
Susan Sjodin
Lindsay Stock
Adele Wilhem
Polly Yukevich

Lighting & Sound Technician
Eric Van Tassell