Dorian Final

Wilson Tanner Smith and Pedro Castillo Garcia present:


a World Premiere Production
by Pedro Castillo Garcia and Wilson Tanner Smith
directed by Sophie Blumberg
Sunday, May 14th at 6pm
Monday, May 15th at 7pm
Richard Christiansen Theater

DORIAN is a brand-new musical written by Pedro Castillo Garcia and Wilson Tanner Smith, directed by Sophie Blumberg. Don’t miss the chance to see this show for the first time ever, and FOR FREE! Two nights only, with performances on May 14 at 6pm and May 15 at 7pm at the Richard Christiansen Theater at Victory Gardens.

DORIAN is a jazzy re-imagining of Oscar Wilde’s famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray — starring Rashaad Hall as Dorian, featuring a cast of performers and musicians from Northwestern University and the Chicago area. The show follows Lord Dorian Gray, who, influenced by Lady Harriet’s nonchalant views, begins a twisted obsession with Basil’s portrait of him: a painting which bears the marks of age and sin while he remains unnaturally young.

Brace yourself for a night of twisted wonders as this well-known story is brought to life with music and characters like you’ve never imagined!


Carl Alexander (Basil)
Rashaad Hall (Dorian)
Alex Kramer (Lady Campbell)
Jessie Pennick (Lady Harriet)
Liza Sobel (Sibyl Vane/Harlot)
Noah Watkins (James Vane/Edwin Campbell)


Tommy Carroll (percussion)
Pedro Castillo Garcia (guitar)
Jonathan Hannau (piano)
Theo Mavrakis (clarinet)
Rodrigo Orviz (clarinet)
Julia Popham (violin)
Wilson Tanner Smith (conductor/mandolin)


Playwright: Pedro Castillo Garcia
Composers: Pedro Castillo Garcia and Wilson Tanner Smith
Music Director: Wilson Tanner Smith
Director: Sophie Blumberg
Sound Engineer: Keegan Bradac