Chicago International Latino Theater Festival: Destinos

September 29 – October 29
Richard Christiansen Theater

Teatro Luna West & Teatro Luna Chicago (in association with 1st Chicago International Latino Theater Festival, Destinos) present:


Thursday, Oct. 5 – Sunday, Oct. 8
by Teatro Luna
directed by Alexandra Meda
Richard Christiansen Theater

After two years of building Teatro Luna West: Los Angeles and strategic and restorative justice development for Teatro Luna Chicago, participation in theatre festivals around the globe, and training with master artists to deepen their trademark methodologies and ensemble-practice, Teatro Luna returns to it’s hometown of Chicago with a brand-new original ensemble-devised performance tackling the current spectrum of violence inflicted on our bodies and the policing of our spirits with LOVESICK. Rage, laugh, cry, and then wake the hell up inside these 70 minutes of heightened theatrical adventure filled with original music, movement, and story. We fully intend to mourn, resist, and both decry and celebrate the complexities of our American lives today. Don’t call it a comeback, it’s a homecoming. (COMEDY/DRAMA)

Run Time: 45 min

Fernando Parra Borti (Set & Costume Design)
Mark VanHare (Sound Designer and Composer)
Ysaye McKeever (Choreography)
Frank Mares (Projections)

The Rojas Projects (in association with 1st Chicago International Latino Theater Festival, Destinos) present:

Growing Up Gonzales

Thursday, Oct. 12 – Sunday, Oct. 15
by Felix Rojas
directed by Felix Rojas
Richard Christiansen Theater

When Johnny Gonzales is forced to clean out the apartment of his recently deceased younger brother, Cisco, he discovers a treasure chest of private and personal notes left behind by his brother. The notes are pages and pages of events that happened in the past. They represent Cisco’s innocent interpretation of love, life and everything in between. When Johnny begins to read these notes, an unexpected healing process begins. (COMEDY/DRAMA)

Run Time: 80 min

Andres “Chulisi” Rodriguez

Felix Rojas (Writer/Director/Producer)
James Carter (Lighting Designer)
Nicholas Rojas (Audio/Visual Operator)
Eddie Ortiz (Producer)

Robert Morgalo (Producer)

UrbanTheater Company (in association with 1st Chicago International Latino Theater Festival, Destinos) present:

Ashes of Light

Thursday, Oct. 19 – Sunday, Oct. 22
by Marco Antonio Rodriguez
directed by Miranda Gonzalez
Richard Christiansen Theater

A mother’s love knows no boundaries… Over the course of two evenings mother and son, two estranged generations of Dominicans living on the north side of Chicago, attempt to rekindle the love and appreciation for each other and their roots; but unexpectedly revealed intimate secrets threaten to destroy an already thin bond. (COMEDY/DRAMA)

Run Time: 90 min

Miranda Gonzalez (Artistic Director, Director/Producer
Sara Carranza (Stage Manager
Ivan Vega (Executive Director/Producer)

Meghan Erxleben (Lighting Designer)

Fredy Rocha (Costume Designer)

Teatro Vista (in association with 1st Chicago International Latino Theater Festival: Destinos) present:


Thursday, Oct. 26 – Sunday, Oct. 29
by Tanya Saracho
directed by Sandra Marquez
Richard Christiansen Theater


In this witty behind-the-scenes drama, Mexican-born Lucia is hired to write for a ruthless Hollywood TV series. She soon discovers that the Mexican American custodian, Abel, has a windfall of plot ideas. As their friendship grows, his stories start to blur with hers leading to unexpected consequences. Fade, directed by Sandra Marquez, is an acclaimed new play from Tanya Saracho (How to Get Away with Murder, Looking, Girls) whose writing “lands in that sweet spot between comedy and drama” (Chicago Tribune).