Unspoken Prayers

Written by Claudia Allen
Directed by Dennis Zacek
Jan. – Mar. 2, 2002


Unspoken Prayers is a contemporary drama about Billie, a middle-class mother whose teenage daughter Sara is the victim of a senseless murder. Eventually, Sara’s killer, an unassuming 16-year-old boy and classmate, is apprehended, forcing Billie’s family to takes sides in this beautifully written study of a mother, father and sister confronting loss — and each other — in their search for justice.


Dennis Zacek – Director
Patrick Kerwin – Scenic Designer
Kristine Knanishu – Costume Designer
Jeff Pines – Lighting Designer
William J. Norris – Sound Designer
Sara Freeman – Dramaturg
Tina Jach – Stage Manager


Taylor Miler (Billie)
Karlie Nurse (Sara)
Rob Riley (Frank)
Kim Wade (Becca)
Velma Austin (Edna and other roles)
Brad Harbaugh (Frank’s boss and other roles)
Kenn E. Head (Big Bob and other roles)