Written by Julie Hebert
Directed by Andrea J. Dymond
April 1 – May 1, 2011


In Baton Rouge, Didi, a gender studies professor, is shocked to discover a cache of love letters that reveal a family secret. Leo, a divorced chef in Chicago with an ailing mother and a college-age daughter, labors to keep his fraying family together. When their worlds collide, these two people must face their shared roots and stitch together their family history from the unreliable memories of an old woman. Tree traces the connections between Didi and Leo, and reminds us that despite differences in race, gender and culture, sometimes we have to know where we’ve come from to know who we are.


Andrea J. Dymond: Director
Julie Hebert: Playwright
Jon Ferreira: Assistant Director
Michael Wise: Assistant Director
Charlie Cooper: Lighting Designer
Misha Fiksel: Sound Designer
Judith Lundberg: Costume Designer
Jacqueline and Rick Penrod: Scenic Designers
Grant Sabin: Props Designer
Michelle Medvin: Stage Manager


Aaron Todd Douglas: Leo
Elaine Rivkin: Didi
Leslie Ann Sheppard: JJ
Celeste Williams: Jessalyn