The Lost Boys of Sudan

Written by Lonnie Carter
Directed by Jim Corti
March 19 – April 25, 2010


Three boys meet in the worst way: fleeing the horrors of war. And as they team up on a perilous journey to a refugee camp, they exchange heroic survival stories, song and even laughter. Thus begins an extraordinary passage that eventually takes three boys of the Dinka tribe to, of all places, Fargo, North Dakota, where drought, crocodiles and guerrillas are replaced by malls, video games, and Skittles. From the writer of recent VGT hits The Romance of Magno Rubio and Wheatley.


Jim Corti – Director/Choreographer
James Dardenne – Scenic/Projection Designer
Elizabeth Flauto – Costume Designer
Rita Pietraszek – Lighting Designer
Andre Pluess – Sound Designer
Matthew Cummings – Props Designer
Shiela Landahl – Dialect Coach
Polly Carl – Script Dramaturg
Sean Kelly – Assistant Director
Tina M. Jach – Stage Manager


Adeoye (Copernicus Ptolemy Patrick)
Kenn E. Head (Kookoorooku)
Ann Joseph (Miriam Maker/Moira Midnight)
Nambi E. Kelley (Ayoun/Yetide Precious Smallbone)
Samuel G. Roberson, Jr. (T-Mac Sam)
LaTricia Kamiko Sealy (Twelve/Molly Midnight)
Leslie Ann Sheppard (K-Gar Ollie)
Namir Smallwood (A.I. Josh)