*The Glamour House

Written by Lydia Stryk
Directed by Sandy Shinner
Novemeber 9 – December 23, 2001


Set in 1947, in the vibrant immigrant community of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Lydia Stryk’s new play traces the development of a mysterious relationship between the cool and elegant owner of a dress shop, and the young woman who comes to work for her as a salesgirl. In the world of the shop, ideas of fashion and commerce and the hunger for glamour clothe hidden needs until they are stripped bare.


Sandy Shinner: Director
Sara Freeman: Assistant Director
Eva Breneman: Dialect Coach
Tim Morrison: Set Designer
Rita Pietraszek: Lighting Designer
Judith Lundberg: Costume Designer
Erin Teufel: Assistant Costume Designer
Andre Pluess and Ben Sussman: Sound Designers
Andrea J. Dymond: Props Designer
Tina Jach: Stage Manager


Deanna Dunagan (Trudi Stein)
Anne Fogarty (Esther Bayer)
Cindy Gold (Mrs. Pauschel)
Marc Jablon (Tom Puccini)
Carmen Roman (Rosa Perez)