The Colored Museum

Written by George C. Wolfe
Directed by Andre de Shields
Sept-Oct. 30, 1994


“The Colored Museum” is both vaudeville show and nightmarish meltdown wherein stereotypes of black America come to life and get even.
A solicitous stewardess with a deathly grin welcomes the first African-Americans on a “Celebrity Slaveship”: “Please, don’t bring any drums.” A Josephine Baker wannabe invites her own nightmares into her act and breaks down as they take over. A Topsy-like pixie painfully gives birth to a giant egg. A boisterous drag queen snaps her fingers-and her enemies suffer mild heart attacks.
Victory Gardens Theater presented George C. Wolfe’s satire in 1987 and is reviving it this season as part of a plan to remount past achievements regularly. Then and now, Andre De Shields directs.



Andre de Shields: Director
Amy Field: Stage Manager
Jim Dardenne: Scenic Designer
Todd Hensley: Lighting Designer
Claudia Boddy: Costume Designer
Galen Ramsey: Sound Designer
Stephen Mazurek: Slides


Marshall Titus
Rick Worthy
Velma Austin
Sylvia Carter
Jacqueline Williams