*No One As Nasty

Written by Susan Nussbaum
Directed by Susan Booth
June 2 – July 2, 2000


The newest Access Project studio show, No One As Nasty is a darkly surreal romp from celebrated Chicago actress, director, and writer Susan Nussbaum. With a sharp wit and an equally sharp tongue, No One As Nasty looks at how trust is broken when thrown up against the rocks of race and class divisions in American society. Lusia Strus will play Janet, a wheelchair-using woman who must employ other women to help her dress, bathe and survive. With great trepidation, Janet develops a contentious friendship with a paid caregiver named Lois (Patricia Pierre-Antoine), and crashes into the Great Wall separating boss and worker, employer and employee, cripple and caregiver.


Susan Booth: Director
Melissa Renee Miller: Stage Manager
Jon Heuring: Production Manager
Kevin Hagan: Set Designer
Joe Appelt: Lighting Designer
Frances Maggio: Costume Designer
Lindsay Jones: Sound Designer


Kerry Cox (Actress 2)
Patricia Pierre-Antoine (Lois)
Phil Ridarelli (Ken)
Janelle Snow (Janet 2)
Lusia Strus (Janet)
Penelope Walker (Actress 1)
Jesse Weaver (Male Actor)