Written by Lonnie Carter
Directed by Dennis Zacek
Through May 18th


If one man’s story can speak for his time, then Lonnie Carter’s Lemuel sings it, in jumping jive talk, ragged rhythms, choral chanting, hip-hop tongue twisters, and the rolling thunder of a civil rights sermon. It was similarly rarefied word dazzle that made Carter’s The Sovereign State of Boogedy Boogedy–also deftly directed by Dennis Zacek–a ten-course feast for the ears.



Dennis Zacek: Director
Nic Dimond: Set Designer
Andrew Meyers: Lighting Designer
Andre Pluess: Musical Director
R.C. Torri: Stage Manager
Serena Zahnke: Costume Designer


Carl Barnett
Sephus Booker
Felicia Ann Bradley
Alan Kopsichke
Audrey Morgan