God and Country

Written by Douglas Post
Directed by Jim Corti
Nov. 15 – Dec. 29, 2002


Victory Gardens presents God and Country, a world premiere musical based on the Greek myth of Antigone, by Chicago playwright and composer Douglas Post. Jim Corti directs this contemporary retelling of Sophocles’ classic Greek fable, in which contempt for a royal decree forces an angry princess to confront a mighty ruler.


Jim Corti – Director
Andy Jones – Musical Director and Arranger
Mary Griswold – Set Designer
Judith Lundberg – Costume Designer
Jaymi Lee Smith – Lighting Designer
Bob Garrett – Sound Designer
Tina Jach – Stage Manager


Karla L. Beard (Antigone/Tiresias/Messenger/Chorus)
Dina DiCostanzo (Ismene/Sentry/Haemon/Eurydice/Chorus)
Jane Blass (Creon/Chorus)

Ben Johnson (Keyboard/Chorus)
Jeff Vezain and Tommi Zender (Guitar/Chorus)
Doug Turley (Bass/Chorus)
Bob Garrett (Precussion/Chorus)