Written by Steve Carter
Directed by Chuck Smith


Carter’s play is set in 1927 in New York City, but its story is timeless. Eustace, a happy-go-lucky African American man, makes the mistake of falling in love with the girl next door, Annetta, daughter of an autocratic West Indian, Joseph Barton, who rules his household with an iron fist: he literally whips his belief in racial purity into his children with a cat-o’-nine-tails.


Chuck Smith: Director
Chris Fitzgerald: Production Manager
Amy A. Field: Stage Manager
James Dardenne: Set Design
Claudia Boddy: Costume Design
Galen G. Ramsey: Sound Design
Todd Hensley: Light Design


Tim Rhoze: Mr. Joseph Barton
Rick Worthy: Eustace Baylor
Avery Waddell: Nimrod Barton
Kel Mitchell: Solomon Barton
Ora Jones: Lizzie Harris
JoNell Kennedy: Agnes Barton
Keli Garrett: Annette Barton
Cheryl Lynn Bruce: Florie Barton