Written by James Sherman
Directed by Dennis Zacek
November 14 – December 28, 2003


Yes, it has an exclamation point, but no, Affluenza! is not a musical,though it does have rhythm. Think of the classic characters from theater: the cuckolded husband, the wily servant, the maiden, the true-wit, the fop, and the coquette. In Affluenza!, these classical archetypes exist today in wicked and delicious fashion. Take real estate tycoon William Moore, who lives high above Lake Shore Drive with only the company of his assistant, Bernard, and his net worth of $650 million. William is in love with Dawn, a young woman of simple means, but son Jerome, cousin Eugene, and ex-wife Ruth agree Dawn is only after William’s money. Who gets what and who ends up with whom is revealed in surprise after surprise in Affluenza!: a comedy of manners that speaks to a contemporary audience in classic comedic form.


Dennis Zacek – Director
Mary Griswold – Scenic Designer
Chris Phillips – Lighting Designer
Judi Lundberg – Costume Designer
Andre Pluess – Sound Designer
Tina M. Jach – Stage Manager


Roslyn Alexander (Ruth)
Richard Henzel (William)
David New (Jerome)
Kim Wade (Dawn)
Ian Westerfer (Eugene)
Cedric Young (Bernard)